Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Booking for 2011 already!......Meet Alison & Nick our newest couple.

Can't wait to start planning for their Silver and Black themed classic wedding here in Malibu!

Nick and Alison met  three years ago, through her best friend who has known Nick for the past 15 years. Alison's friend Kimi told her all about this great guy she knew and told Nick all about her and how much they had in common. Shortly after hearing about Nick Kimi set them up on a blind date  and they have basically been inseparable ever since. The two related over talk of their families and interesting grandparents. Nick helped Alison through her Masters program and was there through all of her "freak-outs" while she wrote her thesis. Nick proposed to her on her birthday this year when she turned 26. The two were set to go to Disneyland with Alison's whole family and right before they left Nick asked if Alison wanted her birthday present and gave her a ring box with a toy ring (tin and crystal). She was awestruck by the ring and Nick quickly handed her the real engagement ring (she had picked out three weeks prior). They spent the whole day at Disneyland with her family and as Helen well know's quickly started planning our wedding!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The strongest bond is LOVE

I am so proud to introduce Mr. and Mrs. Joanie and Sebastian Carter!

I don't even know where to start... this couple not only are over the moon for each other,  but more than that, truly know the meaning of commitment. When Joanie was 19 years old she was in a car accident which left her unable to walk. Sebastian was by her side through it all, and after 6 years of continuous physical therapy Joanie is with us today and was able to walk with assistance from her father and a walker, down the aisle to marry the man of her dreams!

Joanie and Sebastain's wedding day was an incredible experience - to get to work with Joanie, her story and wedding are one I will honor and never forget. With not a dry eye in the house they were married by Officiant William B. Parisi at the Malibu West Beach Club. Flowers and decor were done none other than Carrie of CFS Designs. Food by Pierre's Catering of Westlake Village, coordination by yours truly:) and the musical talent by DJ Dave Turner. I got to have fun with the place cards on this one. Sebastian is a helicopter pilot so we used that theme in the details.

Love you J Crew

Liz chose these fun light green dresses for her girls for her upcoming July 17th wedding!! Again J-Crew comes through with a wonderful design that really can be worn more than once!

A little burlap makes a BIG difference

For Jimmy and Kim's engagement party, simple and clean was the look.

Nothing beats classic Burlap. We used it as table runners as well for the centerpieces! If you;re planning on using a lot of it, I highly suggest going to downtown Los Angeles, and heading to the fabric district. You will find everything you need and more! (Michael Levine is my FAVORITE.)


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Monday, June 28, 2010

YUMMY Treats :)

Happy Monday! Last night was a great success for Joanie and Sebastian's wedding. I am excited to post some pictures, and will do so soon..... For now I have to share with you the Candy Bar Carrie and I did for them! Such a simple touch for something sweet. To DIY simply head to your nearest craft store, pick up some great jars, baskets, tins, or even floral vases.  Add your favorite candy and you're done! We got these great wooden letters for their names and a fun chalkboard to add a little LOVE.

This one was our traditional Candy Bar, but anything can be done. Come October we are doing black and white cotton candy for Sara and Brandon's wedding!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy 1 Year!!!!

Nikki and Adam were the first wedding coordinated by withGraceproductions. When Nikki came to me we were just going to do invitations, but as out meeting progressed we found that there was A LOT more that needed to be done. Hence.. my becoming a wedding planner :)  I have to send a BIG thank you to Nikki for basically kick-starting my career. I am so happy you are celebrating your 1st Anniversary! All my love to you for always! xoxo LOVE, Helen.

Friday, June 25, 2010

you can never have enought SHOES!

Along with Christina Louboutin, there are so many designers that we LOVE.

Laura Harkin wore these Kate Spade white heels that were perfect for her 4th of July wedding!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Having trouble finding a great Bridesmaids dress??

If you really can't find a great dress that works for all your girls, here is a great solution... LOVE this

Meet Liz and Steve!

I can't believe it has already been a year since I booked with Liz and Steve of Virginia Beach, Virginia! There destination wedding is right around the corner and I can't wait!
When I say destination I mean from their home to the Beautiful Malibu California!!!

 I asked Steve for their "Love Story" as I do all my clients, and here is what he sent.....
Liz spent her childhood in Virginia Beach, VA, Riverside, CA, and Columbia, MD. She graduated from the University of Maryland with an undergraduate degree in 2003 and then received her Masters in Education in 2006. She currently teaches 5th grade in Fairfax County in Northern Virginia.

Steve spent most of his childhood growing up in Potomac, MD. He graduated from the University of Michigan in 1999 and currently works in Arlington, VA for a business research company. 

The Sunday after Hurricane Isabel came through the DC area, many homes were still dealing with power outages. Desperate to watch NFL games, I went to a nearby sports bar/pool hall lounge with two friends. We stayed there nearly 12 hours watching football. Although the games were not all too fun, we did have this attractive server. There was something about her that caught my eye. Was it her cheery smile? Was it her eyes? Was it her genuine friendliness? Or was it how she made sure to bring out our pizza while it was extremely hot. Nevermind how I burned my mouth on it or almost died choking on the melted cheese – no joke. By the way, thanks Davin and Ki for not realizing I was suffocating to my last breath while sitting next to you two, but I digress.
So what was it about her? I had to know. So after about seven hours of eating wings, pizza and drinking diet Coke, I mustered up the courage to talk to her and eventually asked for her phone number. Don’t worry, I made sure my breath was freshened with gum first! I don’t remember what words mumbled out of my mouth but whatever it was, it worked. She said yes. And after six years, I’m even more grateful she said yes to another question I popped!
So what IS it about her? After all these years, I can answer that meaningfully. It's simple. It’s everything. And it goes much deeper than looks. It’s her unforgiving loyalty, her uncontrollable laughter (and loud), her comforting words, and most importantly, her honest love and angelic compassion.

So we got in a fight. Steve was coming home very late the past couple of weeks and finally one Friday night, I got pretty upset. I made dinner and waited until about 10:30. When he got home, I gave him a piece of my mind. Well, to make a long story short, he made up this story how he's been looking around for other prospective jobs in DC, and found one in particular that he was interested in. Since it was a Friday night, he wanted to take me there and get my opinion of it first before making any decisions. Wanting my opinion first, meant "let's go now". Steve, with his very cool way of smooth talking, finally persuaded me to take a drive with him to DC to show me his future job. When we got there, I was thinking 2 things: (1) I've always wanted to go back to the Lincoln Memorial! (2) Steve wants to work at the Lincoln Memorial?
It was almost midnight when we arrived, and surprisingly, there were a fair amount of people hanging out there. We walked around for a bit and sat down on the steps. He gave me this photo album and said it was for our anniversary. I totally forgot about that! He said he's been working on it for the past month, which explained why he was coming home late. In fact, when he came home late that night, he was actually at Amphora, literally down the street from our apartment, doing last minute adjustments to his project.
Anyway, he told me to open it and in it were collections of pictures, letters, and a variety of poems from one of my favorite movies.
I got to the 2nd to last page where he wrote something so special and heartwarming, that while I was reading, I began to feel bad about our fight and started crying. Oh wait...I haven't gotten to the proposal part yet.
He told me there was one more page left. When I turned to it, all it said was "yes" "no" "maybe" with a box next to each. I started laughing because I told him a long time ago about this boy named Billy, in 3rd grade who sat behind me and passed me this note with "Will you go out with me?" and the "yes,no,maybe" boxes next to it.
Then, he got down on one knee, said "Will you marry me" and put the ring on my right finger. I don't know if it was because I got really nervous all of a sudden, but my response was..."it's the wrong finger".
Well, I think he knew what I really meant...
All I can say or no wedding...I'm incredibly lucky to have found a man who has supported me and loved me unconditionally... through my good days, bad days, and even when I look really ugly days...through thick and thin. What a great man <33
**I am his #1 fan** :)
"Let us look forward to the coming anniversaries, with their age and gray hairs without fear and without depression, trusting and believing that the love we bear each other will be sufficient to make them blessed."
-Mark Twain

one of the BEST accessories!!

Nothing beats a GREAT pair of shoes, and as a bride this should be one thing you put some thought into. 1. Comfort is key (almost). Keep in mind that no one can really last ALL night in those 4 inch stunning heels, but you can cover quite a bit of territory.
2. Always have a "back-up" pair of shoes, (IE: sandals, ballet flats, or smaller heels.
3. Invest in a well made pair of shoes. I always suggest a heel with a platform on the toe, (I know seems crazy) But in reality it makes the heel much more comfortable to not have the ball of your foot directly on the ground.
4. Spending a little more on shoes for your big day, I say is ok. Not only do you get to splurge, when you don't normally. But as well CAN wear you shoes over and over. Where as your dress you can only wear that one night.

I love the idea of wearing your wedding shoes for all your anniversaries!

Here are some ones that I LOVE by non other that Christian Louboutin

And my FAVORITE.....

"I Do"

Happy 1 month anniversary to Emma & Andrew Seitz!!!!

I had a nice wake-up -- a post on facebook from Emma, "My AMAZING day-of coordinator, Helen Hening of With Grace Productions... she also did all of our invitations, programs, menus,and place cards. She made the whole day such a breeze and so beautiful!!"

Sooo happy to have been apart of their incredible day!!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fun little extra's

I LOVE this shot of Emma and Andrew! I wanted to give them a little gift, These "Mrs. & Mr." wooden hearts I found at Michael's, painted them with an acrylic paint, then added some ivory ribbon to hang them by. A fun photo prop for you day!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A photographer that redefines "Classic"

It's my pleasure to share with you a little of one of my favourite weddings to date.

Brooke and Craig did it in the best way, with all the right touches that truly brought out their personal style and relationship. Working in the restaurant world is a great place to meet new people and make lasting connections. It was over 7 years ago that I got hired to work at the Malibu Charthouse. One of Craig's Groomsmen, Nathan, was the manager at the time and called me to say I got the job. Brooke was one of the first people I met when I got there; at the time she was also working in the office. With two such incredible, strong people starting off my Charthouse experience, I knew I had found the perfect home :)

Brooke and Craig had been introduced by Nate a year or so before, and the two were a perfect pair. Through the duration of my stay at "Chart" I developed wonderful friendships that I will never forget. With a great chapter in all of our lives thanks to the Charthouse, we all eventually left and went onto bigger life goals. Our group was filed with writers, actors, entrepreneurs, designers, businessmen, musicians, and more. And though we drifted apart a little, we kept in touch as best we could.  But it wasn't until fall of 2009 that I got a call from Brooke with the news that her and Craig were finally getting married!

I jumped at the opportunity to help her in any way that I could. They got married in their backyard in Thousand Oaks California, and had the Best Backyard Wedding!

This post is not only dedicated to their stunning day, but as well a praise to the photography of the incredible Josh Newton and Montana Dennis..... and here is why....

Brooke and Craig's wedding captured beautifully by Josh and Montana.  Both have an impeccable eye for photography, and especially weddings. They caught each and every perfect moment from Brooke and Craig's big day.