Thursday, June 24, 2010

one of the BEST accessories!!

Nothing beats a GREAT pair of shoes, and as a bride this should be one thing you put some thought into. 1. Comfort is key (almost). Keep in mind that no one can really last ALL night in those 4 inch stunning heels, but you can cover quite a bit of territory.
2. Always have a "back-up" pair of shoes, (IE: sandals, ballet flats, or smaller heels.
3. Invest in a well made pair of shoes. I always suggest a heel with a platform on the toe, (I know seems crazy) But in reality it makes the heel much more comfortable to not have the ball of your foot directly on the ground.
4. Spending a little more on shoes for your big day, I say is ok. Not only do you get to splurge, when you don't normally. But as well CAN wear you shoes over and over. Where as your dress you can only wear that one night.

I love the idea of wearing your wedding shoes for all your anniversaries!

Here are some ones that I LOVE by non other that Christian Louboutin

And my FAVORITE.....

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