Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Booking for 2011 already!......Meet Alison & Nick our newest couple.

Can't wait to start planning for their Silver and Black themed classic wedding here in Malibu!

Nick and Alison met  three years ago, through her best friend who has known Nick for the past 15 years. Alison's friend Kimi told her all about this great guy she knew and told Nick all about her and how much they had in common. Shortly after hearing about Nick Kimi set them up on a blind date  and they have basically been inseparable ever since. The two related over talk of their families and interesting grandparents. Nick helped Alison through her Masters program and was there through all of her "freak-outs" while she wrote her thesis. Nick proposed to her on her birthday this year when she turned 26. The two were set to go to Disneyland with Alison's whole family and right before they left Nick asked if Alison wanted her birthday present and gave her a ring box with a toy ring (tin and crystal). She was awestruck by the ring and Nick quickly handed her the real engagement ring (she had picked out three weeks prior). They spent the whole day at Disneyland with her family and as Helen well know's quickly started planning our wedding!

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