Thursday, July 28, 2011

New chapters in life can truly open amazing doors!

I am more than pleased to introduce you to Mrs. Emma Seitz! 
An old name around here at With Grace
You have seen her wedding {here} 
Her invitations {here} and {here} :) 
What I am excited to introduce her as is  
A new planner here at With Grace Productions! 

My experience from the get go working with Emma was truly incredible. She is a complete pleasure to be around always, and was pretty much one step ahead of me the whole time. I give her so much credit (as all my brides) who plan their own weddings, and trust the process of professionals on the major things. 
She really got to enjoy the process of planning it, and never had to sweat the small stuff. I am excited to have her meet the amazing people in this world, 
and all our fabulous Brides & Grooms to be. 
Welcome Emma! 
And thank you for being such a shining spirit in my life, I can't wait for all the wonderful adventures we are going to embark on together!

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