Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.11 Mary & Matt

Very excited for today's wedding - it's been a long time coming for this fantastic couple. Can't wait for them to exchange their vows after nearly twenty years.

A little story about Mary and Matt ~

They met in their hometown (near Chicago IL) high school where they both participated in the school marching band. Matt was a drummer and Mary a saxophonist.

Matt moved to L.A. about seven years ago to study film and TV scoring at USC, and he now composes soundtracks for both. Mary moved out shortly after Matt, and has been working as an internal auditor for a large tech company since she graduated from college. They live in Los Angeles with their two 'kids' Pickles and Ginny (cats).

Matt surprised Mary with an engagement ring mary years ago as a birthday present. But with all of the life changes they were going through - college, Matt moving to L.A. Mary beginning her work career, and a bit of procratination - it took them a while to actually set the date. Finally during a family vacacation, their sister-in-law suggested 11 - 11 -11 would be a good wedding date; they agreed!

Both Mary and Matt knew they wanted to be married in L.A. as that is now their home. Their ceremony, after ceremony, and reception all take place in locations which are memorable to both the bride and groom and are places they wanted to share with their family and friends..

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