Friday, October 7, 2011

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We have to admit when planning weddings there are SOOOO many options, and choices you can make. It truly is endless, when a bride is having trouble making a decision the best thing we can tell them is to stay true to YOU and who you and your fiance are. Nothing make the day of your wedding than having if reflect exactly who you are.

When I saw Misha's & Thomas's wedding 
in Monte Carlo I knew that they had done just that. 
I met Misha over 15 years ago when working at Pierview in Malibu with her sister Nila. The two always had fantastic style and their beauty reflected inside and out. 

I am so excited to share with you their story. When you want to do small and intimate, this is for sure a way to go!

How did you meet?

We met through our friend Steve in a restaurant. I knew I was going to marry him the minute I laid eyes on him.

How did he propose?

In our kitchen, nice and private! After he took me to dinner at San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito

3. Why did you chose your wedding location, guests, and overall feel & theme?

We knew we wanted to do a European wedding but didn't know exactly where. My amazing husband sent my sister and I on a first class trip around Europe to choose our perfect destination. We went to Lake Como in Italy, Santorini (Greece), Athens (Greece), Lake Lugano in Switzerland, and Monte Carlo. When we got to Monte Carlo we saw about 10 different venues. Upon arriving at Key Largo we knew right away it was the perfect spot for our group. It was a contemporary private home built on the end of a marina boating dock which went out so far that it felt like we were on a boat in the middle of the ocean. It had a breathtaking view of the city on one side, and the ocean on the other. The rooftop pool deck was so quaint and intimate. There was also a winding staircase that went up to a helipad. This is when my wedding planner suggested that arrive by helicopter, which turned out to be quite interesting with all the wind from the propellers! In addition to the venue being perfect, the city of monte carlo is so charming and has a lot going on. We knew our guests would be happy about traveling there. We decided to only have 20 people attend. We wanted to keep it small. I asked my wedding planner, Frank, for flowers in shades of blue and purples, lots of crystals and candles everywhere, and we got just that! He did a great job! 

4. What was the highlight of planning your wedding?

Getting to travel there, of course!

5. If you could suggest on thing to future brides, what would that be?

Keep the wedding small and intimate with only your closest friends and family. That way you can focus on what this day is really about and not all the other things going on around you. 

Contributing vendors:

Venue - Key Largo in Monte Carlo
Wedding Planner - Frank Damgaard from Monte Carlo Weddings
Brides Dress - Lazaro
Brides Shoes - Jimmy Choo

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