Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Love Is In the Air

I have to say there is something about the past week, where all I notice is LOVE all around me. In my work and in my life, it is so amazing when I meet two people who are so utterly in love that they want to share in the gift of marriage. I found just that with Stephanie and Diego, the new Mr. and Mrs. Cavenaghi had a heck of a time planning their wedding with me in a year, while living in Florida! Through the whole process I came to cherish this couple and the love they shared with all their friends and family. Love to them from us here at with Grace!

Have to share a few shots I grabbed that Sunday afternoon.
It was an incredible evening thanks to:
Carrie as always,
Cake by Los Angeles based Jamacia's Cakes
Food by Pierre's Catering
and us tying it all together at with Grace prods.

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