Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Finally Some Sunshine At the End Of the Summer

I have to say a BIG BIG thank you to all who helped me get through this past weekend! And a special thank you to Mr. Sun for shining bright!

Oliver and Cassie's heartfelt vows at Mallibu West Beach Club still give me chills. Each moment of these weddings was close to my heart and the hearts of all who

Just a few moments to share from the wonderful weekend.

Mr & Mrs Slosser

Malibu West Beach Club, Malibu California

Oliver and I have been 'Family' since we were born. His mother Judy is my mom's best friend, and we have grown together for the past 25 years! It was sooo wonderful getting to be involved with their planning process. Cassie is from England, and we are overjoyed that she has joined our family!

Cake by the Groom! (SOO Yummy)
Decor and Flowers by Carrie Sawyer
Coordination by Helen Hening

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