Monday, July 12, 2010


Small town moment...
While standing in line at the Malibu post office I ran into Heather Gardner, previously a high school teacher now owner of Tigerlily Collections Jewelry company. I had know about Heather's talent and her incredible pieces, but I found out that she has started a BRIDAL collection!

Here are some timeless pieces for your big day.

Native Californian and Malibu resident Heather Gardner presents Tiger Lily, a jewelry line that blends nature's beauty within a modern trend-setting composition. Each Collection is carefully designed to represent the purest core of a woman who is both a tiger and a lily in the mental, emotional, and physical sense; a woman who is exhilarated by adventure and exploration but also envelopes herself in the elegance and glamour that life offers.

California's diverse landscape of endless coastlines, hidden dramatic canyons, and mountainous regions have provided ample opportunities for the active surfer, diver, and trail runner to explore and take pleasure in. As a global traveler and outdoor adventurer, Gardner seeks to capture the essence of the world's beauty in her designs. The color palate of the minerals, gemstones, and crystal selected reflect the colors she has discovered in the places that inspire her most.

The Tiger Lily is a wildflower that rarely blossoms near streams in the canyons of Malibu and was selected as the company's name in honor of Gardner's love for the natural beauty of this Earth.

Tiger Lily is featured in fashion forward boutiques across the globe, is worn by various celebrities in the film, music, and television industries, and is featured on daytime television.  All designs are created and manufactured in Malibu, California.

 A few of my favourite pieces --

I personally own this one in turquoise and get lots of compliments; I wear it around my wrist as well!

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