Sunday, July 11, 2010

LOVE our Local Vendors

H2 Wedding Photography with our own John Hildebrand!

I am very excited about this one. Not only is John's photography incredible and different, but his eye for weddings is just perfect for this wonderful world!

John Hildebrand's style of photography is synonymous with exceptional fashion and editorial photography.  His signature brand has graced the pages of Malibu Magazine and Swim Journal and is a well-regarded fixture of the Southern California creative scene.  The Hildebrand name is synonymous with the luxury of the Malibu lifestyle.  John is pleased to announce his entry into the world of wedding photography.  

His eye for capturing rare and authentic moments, encompassing his unique style of fashion and editorial influenced photography, is supported by his top-notch team and a creative vision that will ensure a distinctive and unparalleled documentation of your wedding, engagement or special occasion.

View John's fashion profile at 

As well, you may contact with Grace productions for package details and special 'Malibu Wedding' Deals.

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