Friday, July 9, 2010

Everyone loves a HOMEMADE candle

Sara and I are planning on a DIY project for her October wedding. I found this simple way on  I have made candles, but never with a crock-pot. So creative! (not to mention pretty much mess-free).

Have fun doing one for yourself or a friend, or 150 for your wedding favors(call in the wedding party help!)

-       White or ivory wax (preferably soy)
-       Wicks and wick bases
-       Glass jar (or any candle holder)
-       Wooden skewers (chopsticks are ok)
-       Crock pot
-       Essential scented oils (Gardenia is my FAVORITE) *optional
-       Candle Dye, comes in various colors *optional

All can be found at your local craft store.

I love soy wax because it is vegan, and really makes wonderful candles.

Gather all your supplies and set aside a good portion of your day. (Number of hours depends on how many you are doing.)

Grate the wax as you would a block of cheese, and fill your glass containers.

Turn your crock-pot on high and place the wax-filled containers in your crock-pot. Make sure you don’t overcrowd or STACK! (Let sit for 20-30mins.)

Check your candles. You will notice they are a lot less full.  Go ahead and add more wax to each container, and continue to let sit. You may have to do this a few times for larger containers.

Once your containers are full of ‘hot wax’ you can add your essential oils. Use a dropper and add anywhere from 5-20 drops (depending on how strong you want your scent). Use your skewers to stir in the oil.

Insert your wick, and make sure it's centered. It will stand up on its own with the base. I like the ones that come with the base, but for longer custom wicks you may have to cut and add your own.

Turn off the crock-pot and let the candles sit until completely hardened.

Be prepared -- the larger the container, the more time the candles will need to harden. At least 6-10 hours for small to medium sizes, and overnight for larger + .

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