Monday, June 14, 2010

Meet Sara & Branden!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE when I get a chance to work with a couple who have a totally different view for their wedding, Sara and Branden are the perfect match!!

This amazing pair met when Branden was in his second semester at ASU in Tempe Arizona. Branden noticed Sara in one of his general classes, but in his mind she had no clue he existed. It wasn't until a meeting at a mutual friend (Brian's) house that their eyes met. In Branden's words "That was that!"

As the summer came to an end the pair spent more and more time together, They both approached their Sophomore year with a new budding romance, and they realized that they had met "The One". They moved in with each other for the duration of ASU. Once finished Branden came back to California (his home) and Sara stayed to care for her grandmother. They tried the long distance thing, but in the end it just did not work. After 8 years from the day they met, Sara made the plunge and moved to California to be with the man of her dreams.

Sara and Branden's favorite holiday is non other than "All Hallows Eve" AKA Halloween :) Branden's parents were planning a huge Halloween party and he had planned on proposing to her then. But with some friends advice and a lil anxiety, Branden decided to pop the question that morning before he left for work. So at 5:45am he awoke his Fiance to be (hopefully:) Got on one knee, and told her how excited he was about their first BIG party in their home, he then pulled a ring out from under her pillow and said he never wanted to be alone, and who better to spend the rest of his life with than his best friend. Sara's eyes were barely open at this point, but that didn't matter, she jumped out of bed and into his arms.... saying YES!!!!

From the get-go I felt a connection with these two, then when Sara explained her thoughts on theme...I knew we were a perfect match!!!

We are planning a "Halloween, Vintage, Damask" wedding this coming October, full of Black chandeliers, lace, and scarlet begonias!!! Cannot wait for this one!!

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