Thursday, June 17, 2010

Heidi and Glenn

This one hit home for me (literally) I am honored to introduce you to the newest couple with grace, non other than my father (YUP!) Glenn Hening and his bride to be Heidi Ginter!!

This pair were introduced by one of my godfather's J.J. Woods, His wife Kim and him are good friends of Heidi, and have wanted to introduce them for years. Neither of them wanted to be "Fixed up". The day came when Heidi bought her first computer, and was welcomed into the crazy world of facebook. One day when Heidi was with Kim, she logged into FB, while wondering... Kim said "You should look at Glenn's profile" (yes my dad has a facebook) She connected with him wanting to give him info on her store.... with that the next day Glenn showed up at the Ventura clothing store to "Introduce" himself. After an afternoon of getting to know each other, he asked her out. Picking her up with flowers in hand in the classic Glenn Hening outfit, sports coat, slacks, and loafers (on the hottest day of the year) Heidi smiled and said "Aren't you hot?" He laughed, (her not knowing what a proper gentleman he is)

Off they went under a very full harvest moon last September 3rd. They sat down and gazed into each others eyes. After a few minutes they both knew they were doomed! It really does happen.

Glenn proposed  two weeks later on bent knee - just weeks before he was leaving for a 6 week Europe trip. (which he cut short due to not wanting to be away from her)

We are planning a romantic beach wedding here in Malibu October 17th this year!

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